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Fleet Maintenance Software - Vehicle Maintenance Software 

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Fleet Maintenance Software
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FLEETMATE  Fleet Maintenance Software

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Fleet Maintenance Software - Vehicle Maintenance Software
For Business Customers.
FLEETMATE is comprehensive fleet maintenance software designed for business. Software that not only includes fleet fuel logging, fleet maintenance history, and maintenance expense tracking, but also features:

Fleet Maintenance Software - Vehicle Maintenance Software
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  • PM Tasks and Maintenance Reminders
    These enable you to keep up to date on critical preventive maintenance of fleet vehicles and/or equipment. When you define a Task, it is based on a time and/or usage interval that YOU define. The software then reminds you when fleet maintenance comes due. You can manage each vehicle maintenance reminder individually, so you can fine tune these reminders to your exact needs.
  • Inventory Tracking
    If you stock your own replacement parts, you'll appreciate the built-in inventory module. Fully integrated with Work Orders and your Fuel Log, you can track stock on-hand, define low-stock points and reorder quantities. This module also supports receiving against your POs, and enables you to choose Avg Cost, FIFO or LIFO expensing methods per stock item. If you mark-up stock parts/material, you can also define a fixed amount or fixed percentage to apply at the time the material is issued. Both cost and selling price can also be manually managed for each stock item.
  • Network Compatibility and Profile Based Security
    FLEETMATE fleet management software enables you to share a common, server-based database. Profile based security via a built-in User Administration module is included. Its use is optional. This enables you to define user accounts for each of your employees, and to determine which areas of the system they can access.
  • Tire Management
    The built-in Tire Management module enables you to track serialized tires. Know where your tires are, current tread depth and pressure, and view a complete tire history. Mounts, dismounts, and rotation processes are fully integrated with Work Orders in FLEETMATE.
  • Work Orders
    Work Orders in FLEETMATE feature unlimited Labor/Task lines as well as unlimited Parts lines. Work Orders feature a Status flag and Issue and Completion Date fields. Work Orders may be printed and handed-off to shop personnel for completion. 
  • Reporting
    Over 150 pre-defined reports give you quick access to topics such as fuel economy and expenses, maintenance history and expenses, PM reminders, personnel data, inventory and route and job logging. Reporting features an automatic preview mode, and enables you to export your reports in six (6) different formats. Our optional FLEETMATE Report Designer enables you to create your own custom reports, and provides a great deal features and flexibility for integrating your FLEETMATE data with other systems.

There's much more to FLEETMATE fleet maintenance software than this short list of features. Visit the FLEETMATE Website for a more in-depth look at the features and functions of this cost-effective fleet maintenance software product. And remember, you can download it and use it FREE for 30 days to see if it is the right choice for you and your business.

CARCare Vehicle Maintenance Tracking Software for Windows®

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For Anyone with a Car!
CARCare is designed for typical car owners, as well as collectors and auto enthusiasts. Very inexpensive and easy to use, it enables you to track service, fuel economy, accessories, total expenses and much more. Here are some of the features you'll find:
  • Customer Defined Reminders/Tasks
    Set up reminders based on a distance or time interval, and CARCare will remind you when things need your attention. Reminders can be defined for not only maintenance/service, but for anything including vehicle registration renewal, insurance premiums, and loan/lease payments. Define Recurring Tasks for repeating maintenance items like oil changes and tire rotations.
  • Informative Reports
    With a few mouse clicks CARCare gives to the information you need, when you need it. Over 40 different reports provide you with detailed vehicle information, maintenance expenses, service history, cost of ownership, fuel economy stats, and more. The automatic report preview feature let's you view your reports on-screen, so you don't need to use paper unless you want to. And you can export your reports in several different formats including Adobe® PDF, HTML, and RTF.
  • Data Import/Export
    With CARCare you can import comma-delimited (CSV) data into six (6) primary database tables. If you have prior auto service data in CSV format, you can quickly bring your prior data into CARCare. An Export feature also enables you to extract your data, so that you can use it with other software applications.

There's much more to CARCare. Visit the CARCare Website for a more in-depth look at the features and functions of this low-cost vehicle maintenance software.

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